Saturday, March 15, 2008


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For the first time American University is going to what is euphamistically described as "The Big Dance," the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Of the 31 Divisions and 341 schools only 65 get to take part in the tournament. It's a big deal and American has come close so many times.

When I was a Freshman at American University we were a perenial last place team in the Colonial league. The only fans were the cheerleaders, a few proud parents and out Delta Chi Fraternity. (the year before I came to American our fraternity had the honor of having one of our Brothers be the first NCAA athlete to survive cancer while playing a Division I sport.)

So loyal we watched as AU would get beat time after time.

Then we joined the Patriot League in 2000-2001 since then we have been to 3 Championship Games losing all 3.

Twice in 2 years we lost to Holly Cross in the closing seconds of a game as I watched first hand in agony. Then I traveled home to watch us lose with time running out ont heclock to Lehigh just a few years ago.

So yesterday when we finally reached this impossible goal of going to the NCAA Tournament it was a dream come true.

Win or lose we still made it AU IS GOING TO THE BIG DANCE.

(my brother made up that AU saying as well) Feed Feed

Monday, September 03, 2007

Michigan Debacle – Coach Carr Must Go

Coach Carr needs to be fired. This isn’t some bottom of the Division vs. an upstart. This IS MICHIGAN in the largest stadium in the world. Carr is a good recruiter as we continually bring in the best players, but how hard is it to sell the most winning team in NCAA history?

Carr is a bad play caller; bad manager of close games; bad motivator and consistently out coached. He was out prepared by Appalachian St.’s coach and it’s obvious every time he goes against real coaching minds like Charlie Weis or Pete Carroll.

If you have ever watched a Michigan game even ones against powerhouses like Ohio St., his play calling is painfully predictable. His QB’s are immobile, hemmed in by an unimaginative offence.

Carr defenses have never been able to compete with opponents who have any type of speed. Even with the changing dynamics of NCAA football and indeed the Big Ten adding speed at the QB position including Michigan’s biggest rivals, Carr has NEVER adjusted.

Coach Carr teams always look like slow throwbacks to the 1950’s. They win 9 Games a year because they are Michigan and not in the SEC. But any other team who could not simply overpower based on talent Carr wouldn’t be able to get one win out of them.

Yes, he has a shared national Championship from 1997, but with all the talent they have had, why does he only have 1 Championship?

Carr has skidded by a barely mediocre coach on the recruiting on Michigan’s name. This game has highlighted what has been true to any fan, CARR NEEDS TO GO. Feed

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Did We Cut Trotter?

Jeremiah Trotter is the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles. As a fan I felt like my heart had been ripped out, I can only imagine how the team is handling it.

I understand that Trotter is the past and based on the performance of the Defense against the run, a change had to be made. The Eagles need better production from the LB position and Trotter may no longer be the best Inside LB on the team.

But I can't imagine, especially based on performance that is not the 2nd or 3rd best overall backer. I mean even if he is not on the field there are 5 or 6 LB better than Trotter on the squad?

The Eagles don't need the salary cap room, they have made most of the moves they will probably make. At least any they could make that would significantly strain their cap room.

Trotter Should have been made a backup (or given the opportunity to stay as a backup) so he could ease out of the squad. We need his leadership as the TEAM leader and his experience for these untested LB core will be sorely missed.

I hope I am wrong, Andy Reid hardly ever gets these moves wrong. But I think this could have been a mistake. Feed

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barry Bonds Breaks Record

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It's a very sad day for America's pasttime. Known steroid user Barry Bonds broke Hall Of Famer and all around great person Hank Aaron's all time Home Run Record of 755. Barry Bonds is a disgrace, and not just because he is horrible in dealing with the fans and media that help pay his check; but because he is a clear cheater and doesn't seem to care.

Steriods don't just make you stronger, they help you get healthier quicker and stay strong longer than would be normal.

Until 2000 Bonds was a standard size, he hit home runs but he was no on pace to breakt he record and was beginning to show signs of his age. Then his lifelong friend started as his trainer. His friend admited to a federal Jury that he started giving Barry a cream with steroids in it.

Barry says he didn't know. Even if that is true, not only SHOULD he know what is going into his body, but it still proves that he cheated to get this record.

He has hit more home runs AFTER 30 then Roger Maris (once single season Homerun record for 40 plus years) did his entire career.

He hit over 350 homeruns AFTER 35. Nearly as many has he hit from 21 to 35. THAT IS ALL STEROIDS. You cannot hit that many homeruns after 35 unless your body gets illegal chemical help.

BONDS BROKE THE RECORD BECAUSE OF STEROIDS. It needs to be said because he is a cheater. He did not break the record it is a tainted record. Feed

Friday, August 03, 2007

Interracial Dating and Racism in Boise

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Sometimes true life lives up to the fairy book stories we all love.

The best player on an over achieving team, a team that no one thought could make it. But they beat all the odds and went undefeated.

Then in a bowl game no one thought they could get to, they beat one of the historically best College Football teams in one of the most dramatic ways possible.

BOISE ST. that’s right BOISE ST. beat Oklahoma in OVERTIME 43-42 on a statue of liberty play. You know one of those things you do when you are 5 and imagining such a moment. WELL THEY DID IT.

As if this fairy tale ending was not enough, the star player who made the key play for David to beat Goliath (sounds like a Hollywood movie) proposes on the field to his long time girlfriend.


I love this kid, because except for the exceptional Football talent he could have been me, a footballer who knits to get by. And with one problem.

He is black, his girlfriend white.

People ask me why I am so gun-how about Interracial Dating. Because I want it to happen so often that it becomes common and acceptable so that THIS will never happen:
'It's really sad'

BSU player hires wedding security after racist threats

BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- A Boise State University running back who scored the winning points in the Fiesta Bowl, then proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national television, has hired security for his weekend wedding because of racial threats, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Ian Johnson, who is black, and his fiance, Chrissy Popadics, who is white, are due to be married Saturday in Boise.

A report on the letters and phone calls that Johnson has received was carried in an Idaho Statesman sports column.

Johnson, 21, from San Dimas, Calif., ran into the end zone on a so-called "Statue of Liberty" play to score the winning two-point conversion as underdog BSU beat the Oklahoma Sooners 43-42 in overtime on Jan. 1. The Broncos ended their season 13-0 and wound up ranked No. 5 in the final AP poll.

Johnson, who will be a junior this fall, proposed to Popadics, at the time a Broncos cheerleader, on the field after time expired in the game in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Since then, Johnson said he's received phone calls, 30 letters and, in some instances, personal threats from people who objected to his plans to marry Popadics.

"You take it for what it is -- the less educated, the less willing to change," Johnson told the Statesman. "But we're not acting like we're naive to all the stuff that's going on. We know what's been said. We're going to make sure we're safe at all times. It's an amazing day for us, and we'd hate to have it ruined by someone."

"It's unfortunate that it involves a certain protocol being followed to ensure that nothing happens," Johnson said. "It's really sad because a lot of people that are probably doing it are the same people who were cheering me on."

This is still the reality in some places in America. But we could not have a better representative of what is RIGHT about America then this kid Ian Johnson and his now wife Chrissy Popadics. Measured and understanding while doing what he needs to do. I am thankful for the Ian Johnsons and the Chrissy Popadics.

Because love is beautiful. Good luck and thank you. Feed

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eagles Get Much Needed Return Help?

The Eagles have always had problems suring up their return kicking game. Inconsistency in person and positive yards has been a reoccurring issue. Injured rookie Bloom has the opportunity to compete to fill that role.
Bloom is finally ready to return

The ex-skier is over injuries and ready to make his mark on special teams.

After being drafted in the fifth round in 2006, Bloom pulled a hamstring muscle in training camp. He tried to rush back from the injury and played in one preseason game, during which he returned two kickoffs for 45 yards against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bloom suffered a setback that landed him on IR for the season. That meant being all alone in the Eagles' indoor facility - "the bubble" - listening to a recording of the playbook on headphones and acting out the plays on the turf.

Bloom said he tried to make the most of the experience - and the Eagles' state-of-the-art facilities - during that time.

"It was disappointing at first," he said. "I went through a 24-hour period where I was really upset I couldn't compete. After that, I realized what the opportunity was. They were allowing me to do everything with the team, study the game, have access to the systems here where we can watch any team, any defense, with just the click of a button.

"It was such a great opportunity to have that year, and I'm pleased with the progression."

With as many receivers as the Eagles have, Bloom's best bet is making it as a special-teams player. The 25-year-old is expected to be a return man, an area where he excelled in college.

In two seasons at Colorado, Bloom posted two punt returns and a kick return of 75 yards or longer. In 25 career games, he caught 24 passes for 458 yards and two touchdowns. He added 93 yards on 15 carries.

The Eagles have tried a variety of returners over the last few years, but none has panned out.

In March, the Eagles signed veteran return man Bethel Johnson, but Johnson missed the first off-season minicamp with a stress fracture in his leg.

…He learned to ski as a small child and has been competing since he was 10, going on to become a two-time Olympian and three-time freestyle world champion.

Bloom became an in-demand celebrity, modeling for Tommy Hilfiger and hosting an MTV show.

When the Carolina Panthers played at Lincoln Financial Field in December, Bloom made it a point to meet Steve Smith by way of an introduction from Eagles running back Reno Mahe.

"He's become a great mentor of mine," Bloom said.

Now Bloom is just waiting to get on the field for more than practice.

Getting onto the field is the first step, the Eagles while filled at the position of WR need someone to rise up as a dominant go to receiver. Or at least one that can consistently get open. Bloom with a year off, a gifted athlete with lots of speed; maybe he could be that guy. Either way him being healthy is great for the team. Feed

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Opening Training Camp

Today is one of the most exciting days of the year, the day every team has an equal chance to be champions. For the Eagles today is even more exciting as for the first time in years there are none of the usual distractions.

No one is holding out, all the draft picks are signed and players seemingly focused on what they should be that championship.

Injury questions are still lingering about Donovan, Kearse and L.J. Smith, but except for Kearse they should all be able to go through all the drills.

Without the normal distractions, expectations are high, and they should be.

Here are some things to look for
Dirk Johnson vs. Sav Rocca. The punting job is an open competition, with the preseason performances likely to determine who sticks around.

"I think it's going to be about consistency," Heckert said. "One guy [Rocca] has never punted in an NFL game before, so the preseason is going to be huge for him. I don't think the pressure will be a big deal because [Rocca] has played under pressure conditions in the Australian League. But he has to show he can do it in a real game with guys flying in and trying to block his punts. Right now, I think they're both punting well. It should be a good battle."

Johnson, 32, won the job in an open competition with veteran Lee Johnson back in 2003. His lack of consistency last season prompted the Eagles to sign Rocca, a strong-legged star in the Australian Rules Football League who is trying to make the transition to the NFL.

Rocca, at 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds, would be the most imposing punter in franchise history. He already has made a smooth transition as a holder for placekicker David Akers should he win the job.

Brodrick Bunkley vs. the veterans. The second-year defensive tackle has been given the responsibility of replacing the traded Darwin Walker as a starter, but the Eagles also added some insurance by signing veteran free agents Montae Reagor and Ian Scott.

Chris Gocong vs. the other young players. Like Bunkley, Gocong enters camp with a starting job. Unlike Bunkley, Gocong's competition comes from a couple of other guys with no experience at the strong-side linebacker position.

Gocong, who spent his rookie season on injured reserve, is followed by rookie third-round draft pick Stewart Bradley and Tank Daniels on the depth chart. Daniels, an undrafted free agent in his second season, is the only one of the three with any NFL experience, but that came mostly on special teams and briefly at weakside linebacker in the Eagles' regular-season finale.

Slot time. Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis are expected to be the top two wide receivers, but the Eagles must decide who will occupy the slot position when they go to a three-receiver set. Hank Baskett, coming off a strong rookie season, and fellow second-year player Jason Avant are expected to compete for the No. 3 spot.

If Baskett wins the job, Curtis could line up in the slot when the Eagles go to a three-receiver set. Avant, on the other hand, would line up in the slot if he won the No. 3 job, leaving Curtis on the outside.

Bloom vs. Sampy. The plan was for Jeremy Bloom to compete against Bethel Johnson for return duties. Johnson, however, showed up at the first minicamp injured and was later released. He has since signed with the Houston Texans, leaving the door open for Bloom to handle both punt and kick returns.

…wide receiver Bill Sampy, who had an impressive training camp as an undrafted free agent last year and spent the season on the practice squad.

McDougle, Lewis and Moats vs. the numbers. Defensive end Jerome McDougle, wide receiver Greg Lewis, and running back Ryan Moats have a combined 10 seasons with the Eagles, but all three will be hard-pressed to extend their careers.

I think losing Moats would be a HUGE mistake. Moats can perform given the chance. But I am excited about the competition. Feed